net zero target 'Could Mean Higher Taxes'

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    The UK has made good progress towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but getting there could mean higher taxes.

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    Leading economist Lord Nicholas Stern said public and private investments were needed in new technologies.


    The UK is also urged to follow the US. In spur of green technology by ex-boss of oil giant BP


    But the government says the UK is "leading" in climate change.


    What is net zero and how is the UK?

    Lord Stern told the BBC: “We have to grow and we have to reduce emissions. and investment in new technology will lead us to that point.”


    He added: "I'm not arguing against slowing investment in health and education. We must chase them along the way.


    “If we had to collect a little more tax so be it If we have to borrow a little more for a huge investment We should do that.

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