About Us

Welcome to DiveKeeper! We’re happy you’re here.

Mission Statement

Through community and technology, healthier and more sustainable oceans.

Originally created in 2004 as a development project for SCUBA divers, DiveKeeper’s main focus has been consistent; to be a thriving community for all divers & ocean lovers across the world. With the launch of this new website, we’ve fine tuned existing functionality and are excited to be launching new innovations as we move forward.

The same great features persist

  • 100% free for all users.
  • Interactive dive logs that you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Great graphical analytics of the culmination of your dives.
  • Interactive dive sites with photos & videos.

Community focused features that are just below the surface

  • Dive instructor portals
  • Dive shop profiles
  • Content creator profiles for photographers, videographers and other professionals
  • Educational platforms
Conservation Efforts

Oceanic conservation is an important part of DiveKeeper. Protecting our oceans for the sake of wildlife well being, enjoyment for future generations and healthier ecosystems is an important endeavor that DiveKeeper takes seriously. We plan on utilizing the log data that you, divers of the world, record and see every day to better understand how our oceans work and figure out better ways to protect them.

Features that focus on conservation
  • Providing a groups platform that allows local communities to organize and take action
  • Identifying charities and nonprofits that are doing great work and assisting in their efforts
  • Using the data gathered from our diver’s logs to record trends and sightings to better understand our oceans
  • Providing free educational materials in regards to conservation

We’re excited to be launching the new DiveKeeper and look forward to having you join the global community of deep thinkers.