Myanmar military government

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  • Jiraporn66 NONNOILL 1 year ago

    The Myanmar military government said Support for opposition political organizations and armed forces "It is illegal" and the perpetrators May face up to 10 years in prison


    Foreign news agencies reported from providing all functions.

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    For this reason, any person who supports these groups is guilty. and must be punished by law by providing support in any way including even a donation "A little" to the National Government (NUG) or its parallel government. which is a political organization of the anti-Myanmar junta and the People's Armed Forces (PDF), which is the armed forces of the NUG. shall be punished with imprisonment of between 3-10 years

    In addition, the Independent Audit Mechanism Committee on Myanmar of the United Nations Human Rights Council The UNHRC released a report last November that since the Feb. 1 coup, 2021, Myanmar civilians have been the target of widespread and systematic attacks. “In a way that constitutes a crime against humanity”


    The UNHRC report also said that the Myanmar military government The "target group" of arrest, detention and prosecution without legal process is journalists, medical personnel. opposing politicians and activists which has a political standpoint on each side.

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