In Pics:Queen Elizabeth waves her hands in response to the crowd's cheers. At the beginning of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Throne

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    Queen Elizabeth He waved in response toทางเข้า3kcrowds of people gathered outside Buckingham Palace on Thursday (June 2) as Britain kicked off its anniversary celebrations. 70 years of his ascension to the throne Which is considered the longest reign in the history of this country.


    Tens of thousands of loyal residents waved flags as they lined the streets of London to watch the military parade. This marks the start of the 70th anniversary celebrations, or "Platinum Jubilee", that will run for four days.


    Queen Elizabeth who is 96 years old, has a hand (cane) in his hand while leaving the royal command of Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles eldest son and crown prince as well as other senior members of the royal family


    As members of the royal family waved their hands in response to the cheers of the crowd. where the Air Force planes fly over Prince Louis, four-year-old son of Prince William put his hand over the ear and moan When the plane roared in the sky overhead Then later, when the team of acrobatic jet planes “Red Arrow” emitted beautiful red, white, and blue smoke, the little prince jumped and danced with satisfaction.


    Queen Elizabeth reigned longer than any other monarch. of the United Kingdom in the past And his reign is now considered the third longest among all sovereign heads of state ever. The results of the referendum survey of the various bureaus It shows that he is still very popular and respected by the people of the United Kingdom.

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