Can people really "suffer to death"?

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    When you lose a family member or loved one Medically, can we really “succumb to death”?


    “Troubled” is a term referring to emotional trauma rather than physical pain. It is often a symptom of regret from the loss of a loved one. Whether it's a family member, a husband and wife, or even a broken heart unrequited love There may be symptoms of sympathy.


    But the symptoms of "death heart" that we see in the news that happens to people who have just lost loved ones Is it a symptom that actually occurs or not? Can we really die of regret?


    Know Broken Heart Syndrome

    Causes of sympathy There may be several reasons. Varies according to individual health problems But one of them has a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome that can occur in people of all ages.


    Broken Heart Syndrome isn't just from a broken heart, just as the name suggests. But from accumulated stress or severe emotional conditions can cause heart failure, Dr. Kriengkrai Hengrasamee, director of Bangkok Heart Hospital, said that Broken Heart Syndrome is more common in middle-aged women. Is associated with stress from physical disease (Physical Stress) or mental stress (Mental Stress), resulting in the heart muscle does not contract and weaken temporarily. Abnormal lower left heart bulging out, shaped like a Japanese squid's jar It can cause acute heart failure and death.

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