Russia, Ukraine: An IT guy fled to the forest because he didn't want to be conscripted to go to war for Putin.

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    When President Vladimir PutinSLOT XOannounced in September that some Russian men were conscripted for the war in Ukraine last September, Adam Kalinin (not his real name) spent about a week in the military. Deciding that the best thing he could do was escape into the woods.


    The 30-year-old IT specialist has been against the Ukrainian war from the beginning. He was once fined money and imprisoned for two weeks for wearing a sign. "No war" on the apartment wall


    So when the Russian authorities called for a mobilization of 300,000 troops to help reinforce the declining Russian army in the war. Adam did not want to risk being sent to the battlefield to slaughter the Ukrainians.


    but at the same time Adam did not want to flee the country like the hundreds of thousands of Russian men who packed their belongings and fled abroad after Putin announced his military conscription.


    3 things that made Adam choose to settle in Russia: friends, financial constraints. and unwilling to abandon the life he was accustomed to in his homeland.


    "Leaving the country would have been a difficult step to walk out of my comfort zone," Adam explained to the BBC.


    “Actually, it's not comfortable here either. But mentally it is very difficult to abandon Russia,” he said.


    when making such a decision Adam said goodbye to his wife and headed into the forest. where he has been living in a tent for four months

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