France "given the opportunity" to send fighter jets to help Ukraine “But there are a lot of conditions.”

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  • Jiraporn66 NONNOILL 1 month ago

    The Paris government "doesn't rule out" providing fighter jet support to Ukraine, however, if this does happen. "There are many strict conditions."



    Foreign news agencies reported fromเกมสล็อตxoKiev, Ukraine, on February 1 that Mr. Olexi Resnikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Visit Paris last Tuesday to meet with Mr. Sebastian Lacornue, Minister of Defense of France Reznikov said that It "has not had serious discussions" about seeking support for fighter jets from France, but insisted that the Paris government "expressed interest" in providing support for the fighter jets. "Military Air Platform" to enhance the efficiency of surface-to-air attacks.


    Lacornu, on the other hand, was more direct: Delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine during war with Russia "It's not a taboo thing," and confirmed preparations for the delivery of 12 more Caesar self-propelled artillery units, in line with President Emmanuel Macron's statement that France "never blocked" the deliveries. fighter jets to Ukraine, but "conditions apply" including that support for this will not turn into France 'escalated tensions' over non-use of fighter jets "In the airspace and over the territory of Russia" and this must not deter the potential of the French army.

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