The United States is flooded! Encountered a huge snow storm that hits, disrupts travel, affecting more than 50 million people

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    United States Meteorologicalสล็อต xoAgency It warned more than 50 million Americans to stay under advisory to face winter weather conditions early on Feb. 22, after a massive winter storm swept through a wide area.


    Major winter storms bring heavy snow and strong winds over large areas. And also moving from the west and north of the United States. Including the east as well This resulted in the closure of hundreds of schools. impact on air travel and create difficulties for road traffic



    in the state of South Dakota Up to 17 inches of snow was reported and winds gusted at 72 kilometers per hour. The temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. The snowstorm continues to hit California. brought snow and hail in the east. including in New England until the need to warn motorists to be careful on slippery roads



    Snow still covers roads, making travel in the Upper Midwest difficult. Minneapolis was the hardest hit city in the Midwest. There was about 20 inches of snow and winds gusting at about 72 kilometers per hour. Ice-covered power lines and fallen trees could cause power outages on February 22-23, making travel almost impossible.

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