Saudi Arabia seizes 47 million methamphetamine pills stowed in powder

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    47 million big lotสล็อต วอเลทof methamphetamine pills tucked in powder products. Saudi Arabia seized


    On September 2, 2022, CNN reported that Saudi officials seized 47 million methamphetamine tablets stashed in a shipment of powder. It was the largest single drug smuggling detection operation ever.




    Ministry of Domestic Affairs Saudi Arabia released a statement saying The methamphetamine was confiscated at a warehouse after arriving at the port in Riyadh. but did not disclose the name of the drug or where it came from




    A spokesman for the Narcotics Control Agency said it traced the ship's route and raided the warehouse. He arrested eight suspected drug smugglers, six Syrians and two Pakistanis, on charges of drug smuggling.


    Suspects will be prosecuted through legal proceedings. and sent to the prosecutor


    Earlier, the United Nations Agency for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said: “Reports of methamphetamine seizures in the Middle East often feature drugs with the “Captagon” logo, the former name of the drug containing the compound.


    The European Center for Drug Abuse and Control reports that although Captagon-Captagon is no longer illegally manufactured But drugs with the “Captagon” logo are often seized in the Middle East. The counterfeit captagon pills are methamphetamine or other chemicals.


    According to the law of Saudi Arabia Penalties for offenders of drug smuggling is the death penalty


    Saudi Arabia has become the main source of smuggling.

    However, a later CNN report said Saudi Arabia had become the drug capital in the Middle East. which the Saudi authorities try to raise the level of suppression


    A local columnist stated that “Drugs transported into our kingdom are opening war against us. and more dangerous than any other war.”

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