Jensen era. Flop! Microsoft lays off 1,000 employees

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    Jensen era. Flop! Microsoft lays off 1,000 employees

    On October 18, newsSLOTXO TRUE WALLETwebsite Axios reported, citing one source, revealing that Microsoft Corp., one of the world's largest American software manufacturers and developers. It has laid off about 1,000 employees from several departments this week. As a result, Microsoft It is the latest US tech giant to lay off or slow jobs amid a global economic slowdown.


    However, the layoffs still accounted for less than 1% of Microsoft's 221,000 employees as of June 30 this year.


    Microsoft has yet to comment on the Axios report.


    While in the past few months Several tech giants, including Meta Inc., the parent company of Facebook, Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc., have either laid off or cut jobs. This was due to the global economic slowdown resulting from interest rate hike measures, inflation and the European energy crisis.

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