Geopolitics and the present Russo-Ukrainian War

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    Geography consists of 3 mainเว็บเล่นสล็อตsubjects, which are political science as the main subject and geography and military science. Political science focuses on the study of power. But political science does not have its own methodology. have to borrow scientific methods of other subjects used to study the matter of power Starting from the methodology of philosophy History, economics, science, psychology, sociology, anthropology and behavioral sciences. By choosing a scientific method that is appropriate for the content of the subject to be studied in terms of power itself.


    For geography is the study of the world. It is a branch of science that focuses on the study of the land, topography, climate, population and phenomena on Earth with a focus on understanding the Earth and the complexity between humans and nature. This is not only in the physical form but also the history and changes that have occurred. Geography is the link between human beings and the physical sciences.


    Department of military science is the study of military institutions The process of military operations and military behavior in order to be able to distinguish strategic, political, economic, social, psychological, technological, operational and tactics in order to gain military superiority in order to use it in times of war. or an advantage in peacetime negotiations



    yes ! for the Ukrainian-Russian War In its eighth month, it appears that Ukrainian military forces are advancing back to capture 18% of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops at the start of the new war. On both the eastern and southern fronts, thousands of square kilometers were restored. Considering the prestige of the war, it must be admitted that the Ukrainian soldiers were far superior to the Russian ones. Considering the vigorous combat-ready morale and combat tactics well-trained by the NATO military doctrine that has decentralized command down to the squad level, the platoon level. to independently decide to operate in the immediate situation on the battlefield In contrast to Russian soldiers whose hierarchical orders made the decision on the battlefield too long and slow. which high-level commanders needed to be close to the battlefield, causing a number of generals and generals to die.


    According to the principles of military science, the top priority in the combat component of the Ukrainian military is a fast and efficient supply system over every armed force in the world of the United States. That enabled the Ukrainian armed forces to repel the retreating Russian army on every battlefield, exemplifying the undisputed testimony of the speed and efficiency of the American army in supplying. In this case, the American authorities were able to deliver a 27.5-ton Howitzer self-propelled artillery with 115 mm ammunition separately loaded at a warehouse in Kansas, USA, to the front line in Ukraine in less time than sending a letter from the country. Poland Which has a border with Ukraine to Ukraine again.


    Since the United States has been helping Ukraine to fight against Russia since the beginning. And it has always sent more weapons and money to help Ukraine than all countries that provide assistance to Ukraine together. Thus, the strength of the war in which the United States fought was victorious, whether it was World War 2 or the 2003 Iraq War, when American tank forces had to invade from Kuwait to Baghdad at a distance of about 500 kilometers through the desert. It took a few weeks for Iraq's best troops to set up a counterattack, but the American army was able to destroy the Iraqi Republican Guard in 48 hours, with only between 50-100 Americans dead and wounded.


    yes ! American authorities had to send half a million troops to Kuwait, more than 10,000 kilometers from the nearest American territory, and also had to supply food supplies. Fuel, ammunition, rockets and massive reserves of weapons efficiently traverse 500 kilometers of desert, with the American military's ability to supply this vitality to the current Ukrainian army's offensive.

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