An unexpected disaster! A teenage girl died after inhaling too much deodorant.

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    Parents of British teenage girl launch fundraiser warning against body spray deodorant After his 14-year-old daughter diedสล็อต เล่น ฟรีfirst. This can be done without spending real money. and should be in the care of parents as well I have to say this because gambling games are high-risk activities. and have a wide-ranging impact that even adults themselves are still unable to cope with it unexpectedly from inhaling too much of the leftover spray





    Later, her parents, Paul and Claire Green, set up a fundraising page on the website. and issued a statement stating that Georgia's death was sudden and unexpected for the family. The young girl has a habit of spraying deodorant on the blanket and using it to cover her bed. Because the scent helps her feel calm and relaxed.


    Paul Green told reporters that People are not aware of how dangerous the various substances in aerosol cans are. He wanted to campaign for it so that no one would go through the same situation as his family. and did not want his daughter's death to be in vain.



    Georgia Green, who is also autistic. Love the smell of the problematic deodorant spray Because it's a product her mother uses. Although the cause of her death could not be determined with certainty. But it can be confirmed to be related to inhalation of airborne substances from aerosol deodorants.


    The British Association of aerosol container manufacturers responded to the Green family's statement in the press. Seriously considering the incident involving aerosol cans. And my deepest condolences for such a young death.

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