Ambassador pointed out the 1st year of the Ukrainian war, a reflection of Thai diplomacy to the era of decline without tactics.

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    On February 24, Mr. Rasเกม ยิน ปลาChalichan, former ambassador And the owner of the page "The Alternative Ambassador Returns" posted an article. “One year anniversary of the Ukrainian war with reinforcing the depressing era of Thai foreign affairs” via Facebook with the following content



    Today marks the one year anniversary of the Ukrainian war. It is considered a war that has broken the pen of experts both diplomatically and militaryly. At first, many parties did not think that Russia would really invade and expected that if it actually invaded Ukraine would be defeated within a few hours or days. but became a war that dragged on for years And has changed the world order that affects both the economy. politics and security In Thailand, it cannot be avoided.


    While this war is considered a global crisis. During the past year, Thailand's foreign policy on this matter Instead, it seems erratic. One day, say one thing, another day, do something else. which caused damage to the country Not only for prestige and credibility but also affects stability It may also affect the economy.



    Although Thailand had initially voted in support of a UN resolution opposing such aggression, But a secret visit to Russia of the Thai Foreign Minister in September and especially Thailand's refusal to vote on a resolution condemning the UN's annexation of Ukrainian territory by Russia in October last year. Causing Thailand to be questioned in the eyes of the world community about which side we are on.

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